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  • Tool free installation and remerchandising.
  • Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem.

InVue One55 is the most cost-effective OnePOD in the range. It offers scalable security which allows devices to be lifted or locked down for moderate risk retail environments.

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One55 phone stand, 2-bracket arms, phone secured InVue authorized sales partner for Australia
One55 OnePOD, recoiler, mobile phone in hand
One55 being unlocked with OneKEY, IR4 key, InVue
One55 OnePOD, magnetic key, mobile phone

Above counter recoiler features as standard with 81cm pull length cable.

The recoiler can be locked and unlocked as required. For full strength stand security, the recoiler can be locked down within seconds.


Bracket Arm Security

Optional unibody steel security bracket arms available.

Quick Release

InVue Key for quick release at sensor for nightly removal.

Low Profile Option

With the option of an angled puck or low profile flat stand, minimal above counter presence highlights merchandise.