T1000 Time Delay Dispenser

  • Push-button single position dispenser.
  • Time-delayed release prevents sweeping theft.
  • Easy to push button, creating a good customer experience.

InVue T1000 is a single position dispenser and rather than committing to an expensive shelf segment, the small footprint maximises display space.

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T1000 Time Delay Dispenser, preventing product sweeping, customer pushing button, hangsell
T1000 Time Delay Dispenser, preventing product sweeping, customer holding product, hangsell
T1000 Time Delay Dispenser, preventing product sweeping, hangsell

A Push Button Dispenser with Time Delay that is Simple for Customers to Use.

Easy to use

InVue T1000 is easy to use. A simple push of a button dispenses one package.

The integrated pricing tag also ensures a clean and consistent display.

The T1000 also does not require a proprietary key for installation.


The interchangeable coil lets you maximise merchandising space for different sized packaging.

The interchangeable rod allows you to leverage the same dispenser on multiple displays.


InVue T1000 has a five second time delay that deters thieves.

The individual merchandise position increases anti-sweep security.

T1000 Increases Sales bar graph

Case study

The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) was commissioned by InVue to run research on the T1000, in September and October 2017.

The research took place in two stores in Gainesville, Florida and was conducted with wet razor handles and printer ink cartridges, two high loss items.

Below are two of the key findings of this research:

T1000 minimises theft:

Out of the shoplifters interviewed during the research:

  • 57% understood the mechanism (increase time), while 43% didn’t.
  • 64% wouldn’t steal an item protected by T1000, while 36% would.

“They draw a lot of attention. Make a lot of noise. It’s a lot of noise involved. A lot of standing.”

“‘Too much time involved. Too much time. It looks like it makes noise. Draws attention.”