• One unique electronic key for storewide security across multiple products.
  • Promotes a safer working environment; increases sales and protects high theft merchandise.
  • No re-keying needed as the key times out after 12 hours.

InVue OneKEY improves customer service, security and gives retailers the possibility to gain in-store visibility all through one key.

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One Key. One Storewide Security.

retail problem with too many keys

The Problem: Too Many Keys.

The Solution: One Unique Electronic Key Per Store.


Improved Customer Service.

Assign every associate a key to better service customers.


Improved Security.

Program OneKEY to best suit your needs.


In-Store Visibility & Analytics.

Know who did what, where and when.


Industry Leading Protection.

12-hour key time-out (until refreshed at OneKEY Manager).

Remote key de-authorisation.


Access Manager Software.

Each OneKEY assigned a unique code per store.

Choose from either single, four or eight position contact charging bases.

InVue OneKEY with multi charger and programming station

Industry Leading Protection.


OneKEY transfers power and collects data to a complete ecosystem of solutions providing industry-leading protection for your high theft merchandise.