• Wireless security
  • Clean, verticle display highlights featured product
  • Invite customers to touch, feel, and try every feature without worry.

S3100V allows customers to interact with phones and tablets without restrictive cords and wires — all while protecting against theft.

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InVue S3100V, phone upright on stand InVue authorized sales partner for Australia
InVue S3100V, phone has been picked up in persons hand, telecommunication or consumer electronics store
InVue S3100V, phone has been picked up in persons hand, telecommunication store
InVue S3100V, mobile phone on stand in store with consumer electronics
Interactive Experience

Clean, vertical presentation highlights the featured product and encourages customer interaction.

Enhanced Sales

Wireless sensor frees sales staff to move about the store and sell complementary products.

Analytics and Reporting

Manage planogram compliance and understand how shoppers interact with the device.

Small sensor. Big impact.

Alarm Zone



S3100V is part of InVue LIVE—a connected platform of products that help retailers track, monitor and manage store operations in real time. With a suite of hardware and software solutions across Merchandising, Access Control, Security and Operations, InVue LIVE is the single source for retailers to gain in-store visibility across their estate.


Secure Zone


S3100V uses InVue LIVE’s Mobile Application for:

  • Planogram compliance management
  • Insights into real-time customer engagement
  • Disarming the security alarm