Zips Flex Sensor

  • Alarmed for optimal protection for items of varying shapes and sizes
  • Customers have the freedom to interact with products firsthand
  • Secures anything – powered and non-powered merchandise

InVue Flex Sensor enhances the shopping experience and eliminates false alarms with the only alarming security solution for contoured merchandise on display.

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The Ultimate Solution for Contoured Merchandise.

Varying shapes and sizes

InVue Flex Sensor wraps and secures around all sorts of different shaped products thanks to its flexibility.


The Flex Sensor is alarmed for optimal protection to help prevent retail theft.


Customers have the freedom to interact with products firsthand.

Secures anything

InVue Flex Sensor secures a wide range of powered and non-powered merchandise.

Colour selection

Flex Sensors are available in Black and White.