Variety of retail technology solutions for phones, laptops and tablet in a consumer electronics store. Lots of technology on display
  • Use the OneKEY to operate your entire store.
  • Industry leading security and merchandising solutions.
  • Empower your staff to focus on customer service.
  • Solutions for wearables, accessories and IoT.
  • Powerful in-store behaviour analytics software.


Showcase your electronics securely


With appealing mobile phone, tablet, wearables, laptop and IoT display stands that prevent theft yet allow customers to freely engage with the merchandise.


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Person using OneKEY to open a cupboard with smart lock, InVue

Empower staff with the OneKEY that can be programmed to open single or multiple cabinets and drawers across the store.

Give your staff the OneKEY allowing them fast access to merchandise so they can focus on customers.

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Complete visibility of your store operations


Our connected suite of product management hardware and software allows you to tie your security solutions together to gain insight into your operations and track, monitor and manage operations in real-time.

Empower staff to monitor, operate, and service display merchandise in real-time through an intuitive LIVE Display mobile app. Store leaders can have 100% visibility of what’s happening across your store with LIVE Access

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InVue LIVE Access, Live lock, digital lock, mobile app, ring doorbell pro security


Improve your customer service and increase sales by giving your staff quick access to merchandise.


Digital Locks for cabinets give fast access to merchandise and allow staff to better service customers and increase sales.

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Optional advanced features like LIVE OnePOD empower sales staff to monitor, operate, and service display merchandise in real-time through an intuitive mobile app. 


Store staff can quickly see a summary of connected devices, understand the health and status of each one, and receive real-time alerts that prompt action.


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live onepod

ne360t tablet mobile pos

It’s all about empowering staff to better service their clientele in an era where experience and personalisation matter more than ever before.


Our mPOS and tablet stands allow staff to better engage with clients through mobile solutions that enable them to take their devices from the counter to where your customers are in the store.

Enable retail staff to take payments using any device, any software, anywhere. The NE360 mPOS range offers multiple configurations. From a convertible POS centre; a tablet solution, or a handheld alternative to use with smartphones.

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Enhanced security and customer experience.


Our range of secure electronic displays and anti-theft technology offer an ecosystem of products that are designed to improve store efficiency, while enhancing security and creating an engaging customer experience.


Variety of retail technology solutions for phones, laptops and tablet, consumer electronics store

Whether you’re looking for a streamlined yet secure merchandising display for electronic products, our state-of-the-art solutions are designed with the retail experience in mind.


We’re here to help you meet the new customer expectation with an experience that delights your customers and empowers your staff to provide personalised service.

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