invue mpos tablet stands, customer signing signature in store
  • Frictionless transactions.
  • In-store mobility and interactivity.
  • Enhanced customer experience.
  • Improved business efficiency.
  • Secure display.

Cash has increasingly become a thing of the past and the customer experience has become the number one priority.


Frictionless transactions, eye-catching merchandise displays and customer interaction are now key foundations of businesses of the future.



OneKEY, CT101 tablet stand, Microsoft surface

Whether you’re seeking tablet security, in-store mobility, or full device interaction

InVue mPOS solutions and tablet stands are selected with the customer experience and business efficiency top of mind.

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Options range from high-security fixed tablet stands to mobile solutions that offer security yet also provide customer service flexibility

NE360H payment device

Enhanced customer experience, improved security and appealing merchandise displays.


InVue mPOS solutions and tablet stands are selected to accommodate that shift, with an array of stands and hardware.

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Some mPOS stats


Australia is forecast to become 98 per cent cashless by 2024 (FIS Global Payments Report)


Mobile POS payments will reach AU$32,944 million in 2021 (Statista)


Two out of three consumers abandon a purchase due to long lines (Ayden)


Two-thirds of companies compete on customer experience (Gartner)


Companies that lead in customer experience outperform their competitors by nearly 80 per cent (Forrester)