To provide a tablet solution that can seamlessly transition between public and private spaces in the new branch layout, to facilitate staff quickly and efficiently assisting customers with their enquiries and applications.

CT150IR Portable Stands


Australia wide

Tablet stand, retails solution, InVue CT150, NAB store

At a glance

As one of Australia’s largest banks, NAB has over 900 locations across the country. Their aim is to create a seamless customer experience for their clientele, cementing their reputation as a bank that fosters great relationships with their customers and their community.

Sabel assisted NAB with a mobile tablet stand that were designed to provide a mobile and interactive tablet experience for their customers across any location within the branch.

Our Approach



Building on NAB’s commitment to putting the customer first, Sabel provided a range of tablet stand solutions that facilitate a seamless customer experience.



Our tablet stands allow staff to better engage with clients through mobile solutions that enabled them to take their device from the counter to a personalised meeting area.



This reduces the need for staff to transition from one device to another, ensuring the customer has a frictionless, personalised, and positive interaction with their banking institution.