Munro Footwear Group aimed to reimagine the retail experience across its family of brands. To do this, they would need to retire their legacy POS systems and incorporate a modern mobile POS utilising NewStore POS software on an iPad.

Co-CEO Marcus Bartlett said that the “plan is to focus on delivering efficiencies within our stores, allowing our team to spend more time with customers.”


CT150 (POS Counter)


Australia wide

Munro Footwear Group store staff using new POS solution

At a glance

Munro has been rolling out their new POS systems across their Australian stores. The intention is that each of their stores will be equipped with mobile phones running the NewStore POS software, as well as tablets to make use of its larger screen when needed.



Our Approach


Sabel considered Munro’s objectives in the ideal POS system, to ensure we equipped them with the most fitting solution. The CT150 was ideal for their needs.

InVue’s CT150 tablet stand is mobile which was critical to Munro’s requirements for the tablet to have a home base stand but still be able to be easily mobile within the store when needed.  This is so that the salesperson has the ability to move freely around the store to assist customers in a “shoulder-to-shoulder” style rather than the more traditional “behind-the-counter” approach.



This tablet stand solution is highly functional as it can be easily docked when not required, and when docked the device will charge ensuring the device is powered and ready to use.









When docked, the tablet stand functions like a traditional POS system at the counter. However, the CT150 can rotate between landscape and portrait display, as well as flip to face the customer making this a more interactive space.


Mobile phones are also used by the sales staff to assist customers as they are easier to carry around for the entire duration of the salespersons shift. However, when the salesperson wishes to make use of a larger screen for some applications, then the tablet stand can easily be ported via its sturdy detachable handle to liaise with other team members or customers needed.



CT150 Tablet Stand is a portable all-in-one kiosk and mobile POS solution that supports all tablets.