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  • A proven leader in our field
  • Committed to providing best-in-class solutions
  • Exclusive Partner of InVue in Australia
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  • Sabel, Melbourne showroom
  • invue authorised sales partner for Australia
  • The story so far

    Sabel has always been the innovative disruptor and challenged the established norm. Disrupting an industry is awesome. Innovation is exciting. It’s progress. It’s what pushes the world forward.

    Part of the Sabel Group, Sabel alongside Vitag offer Australian retailers’ retail technology solutions, facilitating in-store security, insight, and technology, with a focus on a frictionless customer experience.

    Sabel is a strong team of individuals who share a passion for retail, business and technology, with innovation at the core of all we do.

    We believe in removing the old and established barriers that many retailers still use between them and good customer experience. We offer cutting-edge merchandising, display and security products that cater to a seamless customer experience.

    Being independent allows SABEL to be agile and free of corporate restraints. Working with the world’s leading brands, our product range is designed to meet the expectations of today’s retailers while offering unprecedented insight into store operations and customer experience.

    Our wide selection of solutions encompasses, mPOS, product inventory and management, merchandising, security, as well as data capture.

    In an era where the customer expectation is increasing, we are here to help you meet the needs of a changing customer while realising the full opportunity of the in-store experience.

  • Pioneering attitude, premium products and professionalism

    With over two decades experience supporting the retail industry, we have extensive knowledge of the trends, challenges, and transformation the sector is experiencing.

    We tap into this insight daily to ensure we consistently deliver the best and most innovative products and after sales experience to the Australian market.

    We are passionate about technology and what technology when used correctly can do for our customers. This passion translates into the quality solutions we source and the service we provide.

    Dedicated Team of professionals, providing superior Service

    The customer experience is key to our ethos. Not only do our solutions enhance the in-store customer experience, but our customers also receive an outstanding level of service when working with us.

    Our office staff and technicians are highly trained and are equipped to support you anytime you need it.

    No call centres, no lip service, each member of the team understands retail implicitly, and lives and breathes what we do!

    Partners for the present and the future

    Sabel is here to understand your needs and meet them with the most innovative solutions available.

    Regardless of whether we are dealing with customers or employees, we believe a flexible and collaborative approach will bring the best outcome.

  • InVue provides loss prevention security solutions for retail high theft merchandise on display including tablets, smartphones and cameras.

    Based in Charlotte NC USA, InVue is a global company doing business in over 70 countries, providing retailers and commercial retail businesses with innovative sales enablement and security solutions.


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