Zips 3.0

  • Secure protection for a wide range of merchandise and consumer electronic devices on display.
  • Available in single or multiport.
  • Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem.

InVue Zips 3.0 is the only complete solution for powered and non-powered applications, offering multiple attachments and power sensors to meet both standard and high security needs.

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zips 3.0 security, watch, hardware, tablet, game InVue authorized sales partner for Australia
Zips 3.0 connected to InVue Display case with airpods and google mini speaker
Zips 3.0 with OneKEY, disarmed
Zips 3.0 with OneKEY

The Only Security Solution for Powered and Non-Powered Electronic Accessories and General Merchandise On Display.


- Convertible between power and non-power.
- 5V, 1A capable (5V, 1A per port for the four-port alarm unit).
- Magnetic release for multi-layer security and easier sensor detachment.


- A variety of powered and non-powered sensors.
- 1A power delivery for powered sensors.
- Gold is Good LED on sensor head.
- Compatible with existing platforms.


- Available for single or four-port alarm unit.
- High security sensors and high security bracket add-on for the alarm unit.
- Steel sensors are cut-resistant and can withstand 68kgs of pull force.
- Sensors attach to high security bracket with security screw. Bracket is anchored to fixture.

Protect General Merchandise

InVue Zips 3.0 is a secure way to display general merchandise.

With Zips, create dynamic displays with minimal operational investment to increase sales.

Protect Laptops

Zips 3.o offers enhanced security for laptops, notebooks and monitors providing robust mechanical security combined with optional alarm.

Protect Modular Displays

Customisable, flexible and cost effective attachments for select accessories on display.

  • Cost effective turn-key solution when coupled with Series 850.
  • Magnetic placement is quick to install and easy to re-merchandise.
  • Flexible implementation.
Protect IoT

InVue Zips 3.0 is a scalable and universal display platform to display and protect connected home devices.

Part of the OneKEY EcoSystem

The Zips 3.0 is part of the OneKEY Ecosystem, a unique electronic key per store, allowing you to safely open and access merchandise on display ensuring that store associate always has the right key at the right time.

The key times out after 12 hours eliminating the risk of theft if keys are lost or stolen.

Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem


A storewide single key security system for high theft merchandise. The OneKEY Ecosystem allows you to safely open and access your high theft merchandise on display and ensures that store associate