• High security meets high experience.
  • Quick release functionality.
  • Part of the OneKEY Ecosystem.

InVue One60 is the most popular choice in Australia for telecommunication and consumer electronic retailers. It is the only above counter high security steel cable recoiler.

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OnePOD One60 mobile phone stand InVue authorized sales partner for Australia
OnePOD One60 with recoiler, being lifted by hand
One60 phone stand, hand holding magnetic key and OneKEY
OnePOD One60, InVue, phone on stand, OneKEY unlocking / locking stand

Above counter steel recoiler cable with 38cm pull length. Steel cable resists 68 kgs pull force and 90 kgs cut force.

The recoiler can be locked and unlocked as required. For full strength stand security, the recoiler can be locked down within seconds.



Steel construction

Stand, sensor and bracket arms are all constructed from steel. The brackets are made up of 4-way unibody steel arms.


The ability to rotate the device between landscape and portrait positioning.

Quick Release

InVue Key for quick release at sensor for nightly removal.

Low Profile Option

With the option of an angled puck or low profile flat stand, minimal above counter presence highlights merchandise.