Hit List: 4 Grocery Retailers Embracing Digital Opportunities

The entire retail industry has been impacted by the “big acceleration” to ecommerce, but the grocery sector is experiencing some of the most significant changes.

Grocery store, fresh vegetables and fruit
July 05, 2021



Just one year ago, 81% of consumers never bought groceries online, but during the pandemic nearly 79% of shoppers did so. Moreover, U.S. online grocery sales surged to $7.2 billion in June 2020, up from a mere $1.2 billion the year before. As a result, we’ve seen grocery brands pivot their focus to digital capabilities and the omnichannel experience.

This Hit List spotlights the grocery brands that have capitalized on new digital opportunities by investing in:

  • Digital-physical integration in stores;
  • Mobile app experiences and loyalty integration;
  • Social engagement and content marketing;
  • Omnichannel fulfillment tech and capabilities; and
  • Frictionless last mile experiences.


Article sourced from Retail TouchPoints