InVue – 50 years of innovation

Retail has changed rapidly in the past 50 years, and behind the scenes the companies supporting the retail sector have been facilitating this shift with innovative technology, product protection and comprehensive merchandising solutions.

Leading the charge in this innovation space is a company called InVue.

In the past half-century they have developed everything from secure merchandising displays for electronics to single key solutions that can be used store-wide, and a suite of analytics and data tools that monitor stores as a whole.

As InVue’s only Australian-based partner, we thought we’d take the opportunity to delve into the 50 years of innovation that has been delivered by InVue.

50 years of invue
March 10, 2022

Who is InVue?

As a technology company that provides merchandising, security and IoT solutions, InVue has been behind some of the most effective and innovative developments in the retail space.

Their products range from smart keys and locks to on-shelf availability sensors, and merchandising stands that both secure and showcase electronics, IoT devices and their accessories.

They also deliver technology that allows retailers greater insight across their operation – from hardware and software that tracks which staff access what displays and cabinets, to analytics software that analyses customer’s engagement with products.

Their product line includes:

InVue OneKEY

invue onekey

InVue OneKEY is a single key security solution and state-of-the-art access control that improves service, decreases theft and increases sales.

The electronic keys can be programmed to access single cabinets or a number of locks across a retail outlet, improving security, staff efficiency and the customer experience.

mPOS solutions

mpos invue

Such as NE360 which allows retailers to select the mPOS hardware, software, and payment systems of their choosing.

These can then be united in one fully mobile POS which cuts time in the queue and facilitates frictionless transactions.

Interactive and secure displays

invue displays

Used by some of Australia’s largest electronics retailers and telcos, InVue’s OnePOD display system showcases products such as tablets, mobile phones and IoT devices.

The minimalist displays allow for customer interaction and engagement, while also securing high-value items against shoplifting and theft.

InVue Insights and Access Manager

invue insights analytics

InVue’s insight and analytics software connects their ecosystem of products, allowing retailers real-time visibility while controlling, protecting, monitoring their operation.


Humble beginnings

InVue’s story of innovation stems from humble beginnings in 1972 as a product design company housed in the attic of an old house in Ohio.

Then known as Alpha, the business quickly specialised in security packaging for audio cassettes and record cases.

By the mid-1980s they had opened what would become the first of five facilities in the USA.

By the 1990s, Alpha was also producing home storage options for recorded media and home office equipment while continuing its focus on retail security products, including the development of security keepers for cassettes and CDs.


A decade of disruption

The early 2000s saw Alpha begin truly forging a reputation in the retail sector for innovative products that allowed items to be showcased yet protected from theft.

InVue lab

Among their innovations were secure hooks, the first incarnation of a single-key solution for drawers and cabinets across a retail store, and the concept of a POD which could display high-value electronics yet secure them against theft.

Realising single key solutions and display merchandising for electronics were the way of the future, Alpha sold one element of its business in 2007, and formed InVue with a focus on improving store operations, security, and merchandise display.


InVue as we know it

By 2010, InVue had launched a full range of display solutions for tablets.

They followed up with the release of the electronic Smart Lock for retail drawers, cabinets and displays, and by 2014 had developed the OneKEY solution, providing retailers a storewide single key security platform designed to decrease theft and increase sales.

In 2017, they released a full software suite incorporating Access Manager and Insight, that connected and enhanced their security platform to offer analytics on associate and consumer interactions with merchandise.

A year later, they introduced the OnePOD display solution, providing retailers a common platform designed to improve operational efficiencies, decrease theft, and increase sales and profits.

Then in 2020, the company turned its attention to an innovative mPOS solution known as NE360 which allowed retailers the flexibility to combine any tablet or mobile device, with any payment terminal and any operating system to create a flexible mPOS solution.

The innovation continued in 2021 when the company launched InVue LIVE, offering a connected platform of products that allows retailers to track, monitor and manage store operations in real-time.

Meanwhile, a suite of further products and improvements have been launched in 2022.

These include:

LIVE Locks – Which enable cabinets and draws to be unlocked via a mobile device.

LIVE Display – Which empowers associates to monitor, operate, and service display merchandise in real-time through an intuitive mobile app.

New mPOS options – The NE360 mPOS range has now been expanded to incorporate handheld, tablet, and convertible options.

Secure accessory displays – Options like the Zips All-In-One Headphones allow retailers to display and secure electronic accessories as part of an inviting merchandising solution.


A proud InVue partner

Sabel is proud to be InVue’s exclusive Australian partner.

Renowned for its innovative products, ease of use and commitment to improving both retail operations and efficiencies, InVue has forged a 50-year reputation as a leader in the retail technology and merchandising space.

sabel australia

Their innovation is set to continue in the years ahead, with the company a global leader in the creation and manufacture of products that improve the retail experience for customers, staff, and stores.

You can view our full range of InVue products here.