Optus was after the ultimate cutting-edge technology on the market in order to stand out and be seen as a leader in the telecommunications space. Optus was in the planning stages of this new immersive superstore in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, which is when Sabel began conversations about how they can achieve their vision with the latest products on the market.


A wide variety of InVue solutions, as well as EAS Detection Systems from Vitag.


Bourke Street, Melbourne

Optus Bourke Street store

At a glance

Optus has opened the doors of this new experiential superstore with a range of products across six interactive zones, which includes, Gaming, Health and Fitness, Garage and Outdoor, Home offices, Lounge and living spaces, Home security, and Business.



Elevating Customer Engagement

Optus’ flagship store in Melbourne’s CBD has quickly become a testament to innovation and customer-centricity. Embracing their commitment to redefining the retail landscape, Optus embarked on a journey to revolutionise the way their customers interact with their products, blending cutting-edge security with immersive product experiences. This transformation came to life through a strategic collaboration with leading industry partners, Sabel and InVue, leveraging InVue’s groundbreaking OneKEY electronic security and LIVE solutions.

Optus Bourke Street


“At Optus, innovation is at the core of everything we do. With the new Bourke Street Mall store, our aim was to craft a customer experience unlike any seen before,” states Adam Davison, Senior Director of Retail Property and Construction at Optus.

Striking a balance between ensuring merchandise security and offering customers an unhindered change to explore Optus’s offerings.

The integration of InVue LIVE solutions marked a milestone in Australian retail, allowing for dynamic security adjustments based on real-time customer interactions.  Davison added “This app-based system enhances the customer journey, allowing for a more meaningful engagement with our products without sacrificing security.”

In addition to bolstering security, InVue LIVE offers our team invaluable insights into customer engagement, device performance, and store layout compliance, ensuring a seamless and secure shopping environment. “The LIVE system has revolutionised how our team interacts with customers, offering a tailored experience that meets each individual’s needs,” Reynolds adds.

Optus Bourke Street Sabel

The innovative design and customer-centric approach of the their Bourke Street store have garnered widespread recognition, both nationally and internationally. The InVue LIVE solution, a cornerstone of success, has been nominated for an esteemed Australian Fraud Awards.

This journey exemplifies how Optus in partnership with ourselves (Sabel) and InVue, are setting new benchmarks in retail, seamlessly blending security with unparalleled customer experiences. Melbourne’s Bourke Street store isn’t just a destination for shopping—it’s a glimpse into the future of retail, where technology and human-centric design converge to create a truly rewarding shopping experience.

Optus Bourke Street

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