Telstra Epping were looking for a more secure and engaging replacement for their aging theft control system.


Retail Security


Epping, Victoria

Telstra, Epping Victoria, phone security stand installation

At a glance

As Australia’s largest telecommunications provider, Telstra has over 200 branded stores across the country.

Each has a focus on superior customer service, interactive product displays, and consumer engagement.

At the Telstra Epping store, Sabel assisted in the establishment of the new store layout, providing innovative merchandising displays that increase customer engagement.

Our Approach



Showcasing the latest smartphones and mobile devices requires a careful balance that caters to both security and customer interaction.





Harnessing the latest available solutions, we helped create interactive displays where the customer could readily engage with new technology while offering state-of-the-art security features to deter shoplifting and retail theft as the staff can lock the phones down when required.




The result is a minimalistic merchandising display that has increased product engagement and reduced the likelihood of theft yet offers the retailer a flexible display that caters to its current and future line-up of products.